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Aromatree Odor Neutralizer Air Freshener 500 ml for Dogs

Rs. 240
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Aromatree odor neutralizer air freshener is used to remove unpleasant smell from the stains caused by pets, body odor of dogs and other animals, human sweat & waste, toilet smells, tobacco and smoke, food and garbage. It is made from natural plant extracts, denatured ethyl alcohol and deionized water. it traps odor molecules and neutralizes them.

It is most useful in homes, commercial establishments and transportation vehicles such as cars, buses, trains and air-crafts for odor removal from washroom, kitchen, laundry, drain, sink & garbage bin. 

How to use: Ventilate the area and spray liberally in air. It may also be sprayed directly on odor causing substances e.g. Garbage or the odor trapping surfaces such as curtains, upholstery fabric & carpets.

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