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Dog cleaning Products : Clean pooch ,happy pooch

While you love your dog so much, you are also concerned with its cleanliness. We at Pupkart, understand this and offer you dog friendly cleaning products. You should never use your cleaning products for dog hygiene as they have different skin and hair/fur. The chemicals present in your own soap might not be safe for your pet. You need to use dog safe cleaning products which address not only hygiene requirements of your pet but also are good for its skin and fur.

To take care of your dog peeing when you can’t find a place, dog diapers come to rescue. Diapers at Pupkart are available in various sizes (small, 15-19 inch waist ; medium 19 – 23 inch; large 23-30 inch) to fit snugly over your dog waist. The diapers offer leak-proof protection for your dog and can be re-positioned as per needs. The diaper fasteners are fur friendly and protect from fur twee-zing. The breathable outer layer ensures that the dog’s skin doesn't get rashes.

You would never have to worry about dog pooping and putting you into embarrassing situation. We offer you very efficient pet cleaning supplies as dog scoopers, which are tools for picking pet waste. They are provided with spring action and are suitable for one hand operation. They are washable and can be cleaned under water stream.

Sometimes you would want to avoid baths for your pet, for example in cold or while travelling. For such situations you can buy online bath wipes with us at discounted prices. The bath wipes contain lanolin, which moisturizes skin and gives soothing effect and Vit-E to maintain shiny fur.

While your pet is having play time at your home, cleaning the shed fur can be a challenge. For this you can buy reusable hair remover to remove dog fur from almost all surfaces.

Sometimes your pet gives out odor. While you need to see a vet for the same , you can use odor remover. The dog odor remover eliminates odor and kills bacteria. It is safe for both humans and dog and lasts long enough.

Tick and flea are very common dog parasites. They need to be managed safely to stop recurrence. Tick and Flea solutions at Pupkart are available in talc, spray, soap and shampoo forms. You may choose according to your pet’s requirements. They also help in controlling allergy dermatitis.