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Dog grooming for your pet

You would want your pet to be groomed and keep upto you. We at Pupkart, offer you a wide variety of dog grooming supplies. To maintain your dog’s fur, we have double side handle combs and bristle brushes and slicker brushes. They remove dead hair and untangle the fur , so that your dog looks all tidied up. They are available in different comb sizes to suit your pet’s requirement.

We also have rubber made pet body massager and grooming hand brush. Besides we also have flea combs for manual removal of flea and flea eggs. All the products are made from high quality plastic with smoothened edges and ensure a firm grip while use. We also have grooming gloves, which you can put on while using any dog grooming accessory.

Nothing is more beautiful than a dog with a shiny coat. To keep your dog’s coat shiny, we have coat polish spray. It is made up of organic ingredients and accentuates the natural sheen. To enhance coat color of your dog, we have coat color enhancers. They are available in black and white versions according to coat color. You can also buy online coat oil for dogs with us. The coat oil is a concentrate that is supplemented with Vit E to add shine to your pet’s fur.

To put up a show in your dog’s coat, we have coat dressing foam and coat conditioner which add body to coat and makes it shine.

To make your pet smell nice, we have herbal dog deodorants and dog colognes, which have antibacterial, antifungal and anti allergic properties. A dog mouth freshener will keep out all bad smell.

At Pupkart , you can choose among a wide variety of dog shampoos. They are available in two variants – long coat and short coat. You can select among ingredients such as aloe vera, arnica, yogurt , honey and so on. We also have shampoos for special purposes like anti dandruff, luster color enhancer, acaricidal and much more. They are also available in waterless bath no rinse variant.

Scissors and nail clippers form an integral part of dog grooming kit. We have small, medium and large stainless steel nail clippers and nail trimmers. For dog hair care we have shedding blade, dematting razor and battery or power operated dog hair clippers. We also supply variety of blades for dog hair clippers with comb attachments.

Pupkart offers you a never before experience when you buy dog grooming accessories online.