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2 End Tooth Brush for Dogs and Cats
Rs. 70
Rubber Bath Grooming Glove
Rs. 220
Slicker Brush - Soft Stainless steel Pin- Medium
Rs. 170
Slicker Brush - Soft Stainless steel Pin - Large
Rs. 190
Nail Clipper Stainless Steel - Small
Rs. 250
Nail Clipper with Pad - Stainless Steel - Large
Rs. 330
Nail Trimmer 7mm Hole
Rs. 150
Nail Trimmer 7mm Hole with Pad
Rs. 200
Magic Flexible Rake Comb 20 Long Teeth
Rs. 300
Magic Flexible Rake Comb 13 Long Teeth
Rs. 260
Innovative Self Cleaning Slicker Brush
Rs. 380
Double Sided Handled Comb for Grooming
Rs. 240