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Dog Treats : Omnomnom stuff for your pooch

You might want to reward your dog with dog treats for its awesome behavior in last walk. Why not offer it kebab sticks instead of regular food? Your dog would love the surprise. Dog treats are crunchy and munchy dog food and are also high on good nutrients. At Pupkart, we prefer food products free from additives, preservatives and colors.

When you buy dog treats online with us, you can choose flavors among chicken, milk, beef and mutton. Dog treats and puppy treats are available in attractive forms like bone, chewy sticks and rolls. So that your dog would love the way its food looks.

Delicacies like kebab sticks, smoked ears are a culinary delight for your canine fellow. Munchy kebabs are available in chicken and mutton flavors. Milky bones are calcium enriched very chewable treats that will help make your dog teeth stronger.

We have best dog treat brands like Gnawlers, Super Dog and Choostix. Dog and puppy treats come in reseal able and convenient packaging which maintain freshness for long.

Pupkart takes care that you get the best product. We source the recent manufactured and standard packaged dog food products. We work harder so that you don’t have to worry about manufacturing and expiry date.